The context of the simulation

The essential premise is that a big threat is about to unfold on Earth. The main part of this simulation consists of how humanity, represented by a collection of state entities, decides to react to this menace.
The simulation carries out in an interactive manner, as different countries try to coordinate their actions at the same time with providing answers for their people regarding the attainment of national objectives and security. The Earth becomes a complicated spot from a political point of view, and, at the same time, it must face the obvious menace; human governments are composed of a diversified range of characters, crisis situations, while safety can no longer be provided and ensured.

Countries begin to improve their military abilities, their economies, research new manners to counterattack all for a common objective.


Development of strategic thinking in complex environment challenges. 


The importance of collaboration within the team, and within the organization.


The exemplification of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


Leadership, importance of roles in the organization and communication.

It is based on real life situations

The simulation has a lot of impact because the players develop in the real world. The geopolitical and economic reality is the same in the simulation like in real life. All the challenges that they facing are based on crisis and problems of humanity.  



Why to play a simulation?

The training process for essential skills is enhanced when playing a real life simulation. The environment is safe and it is no problem to make mistakes. Actually this is how the learning aha’s occur. The insights are obvious and the players identify them easily. 



“Played the simulations twice and had a different role each time. I learned that communication needs to be extremply clear for a message to reach any audience.”

“The game is challenging. As a simulation it involves a lot of thinking and decision making. I learned a lot together with my team about our next steps seeing how we are in this mirror”

“Loved the day, no doubt the most meaningful team building I attended”

Time needed

Number of players

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