About me

I started the event adventure since i was a student, while being a member of the Student’s Association from Accounting in the Academy of Economic Studies. Mostly there were events made for accounting companies that wanted to recruit future employees.

After finishing Accounting I enrolled in a Master in Project Management in SNSPA Bucharest. In the meantime i was doing voluntary work for LEADERS Foundation in Bucharest. I was still organizing events for students but in a different way. Bringing inspirational speakers to change the perspective about the future. This is how i came up with the my first business:

Biroul de Speakeri is the most important organization in Romania that promotes persons with real stories that can teach event audience about real values. They are called inspirational speakers, but from my point of view the inspiration comes from the way they tell their journey in life, from their mistakes and takeaways. The company is still running today and is part of Ascendis.

While being part of LEADERS Foundation I came across i fine man, by the name of Sergiu, who was a trainer for Ascendis, the number 1 training and teambuilding company in Romania. I liked the ideea of facilitating events for companies and it was just a step till there.

Ascendis is another chapter in my professional life. I’ve started having events with them since 2011 and being part of the team since 2013. In the begging i was simply facilitating some parts of the team buildings. With the years i started to be a Project Manager and after finishing Toastmasters International i became also Main MC and PM for the team buildings that i was part of.

Here i understood that i like to create new things and put my creativity in practice. I had some breakthroughs, in team building events, that still make history for Ascendis:
1. Metropolis came alive in 2015 as a game for uniting a team of expats that came together in Bucharest for a regional meeting. I’ve seen the potential and worked in developing the program, and soon after it became a selling star.
2. Speed Monopoly came alive in 2019. I had the idea for some years but needed a final touch. Talking with a colleague of mine i realized that speed was what i need. It became another selling star and a really fun team building.
3. Beyond Horizons came alive in 2018 but only at the end of 2019 and 2020 it started to be facilitated. It is a megagame, a really strong simulation with a lot of insights at the end. This is part of the Experiential Learning games that i started to develop.

In the mean time i was part of a lot of different team building events, about 450 until 2020, innovating on different topics and activities.

Meeting design came to me as part of Ascendis strategy to organize hole conferences. We were providers of different parts of a conference, annual meeting etc, and since 2018-2019 we wanted to be behind the concept and implementation. In 2020 i managed to finish the Meeting Design Course Part 1 and 2 with Eric de Groot and i had my chance in organizing a few conferences, that went very well. What i like most is to create the content and ways of interaction and delivering the right things for the results to follow. This is part of me now and it is my goal to master it.

A few other projects that were/are part of my DNA:
1. Sponsorship manager for Horia Colibasanu. Horia is one of the inspirational speakers that i represent and i help him to conquer all of the 14 peaks that have more than 8000m in the world.
2. I did the same thing with Parcul Natural Vacaresti, a natural park in the middle of Bucharest, until 2019.
3. In 2019 i was part of Romanian Cycling Tour Team, handling most of the sponsors and parts of the organizing leadership.
4. I try the same thing with Cinemascop asociation and with a sports company that wants to develop future competitions.

Since 2020 i moved to Barcelona, following my creative self while managing the business at home as usual.