Designing Value

Meeting & Experiential Learning Designer

Experiential Learning

I design board game simulations that enhance learning.

Speakers Bureau

I promote people with real life stories and achievements that have the ability to inspire others.

Team Building

I like to come up with new team building ideas and put them in practice. 

Meeting Design

I like to put in practice new ways of organizing meetings in order to bring results.

What is Meeting

I look at a meeting from a holistic view and how all things are put together to bring the desired result. It’s a process of co-creation that reveals a lot of meaningful insights to the meeting owner, thus making the decisions much easier to take. It’s not about how it looks but more about how it feels.



What is Experiential learning?

The games in our lifes help us learn faster, better and remember for a longer time. When we turn into adults we forget about this. Experiential learning is about playing board game simulations that turn out in real debriefing  experiences.


“Worked with Valentin on different events and found it very easy to communicate and implement creative ideas.”

“I’ve played Beyond Horizons and it is a state of art game. So much insight in the end and very helpful for our team”

“Thanks for the great ideas and the involvement in our meeting. It was a blast”

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